D2S chairs the Supervisory Board composed by APT, ALSTOM, CDM, TTK & UITP, all together being collectively entitled to carry out most of the contractual tasks related to the implementation of the EC Contract and the project.

The Advisory Board is composed by outside independent experts recognised for their expertise in the field of the research and appointed by the Strategic arbitration bodies and the Supervisory Board will compose this council.

The European Commission is represented by a scientific officer.

The Executive Committee is composed of the co-ordinator, as head of the committee, and the subproject leaders.

The Management Team is chaired by the co-ordinator, enabling a perfect co-operation at the executive level, and facilitating the communication with the partners and the European Commission. The team is further composed of the technical leaders of each sub-project.

SP leaders are D2S (SP1 & SP7), TTK (SP2), APT (SP3), TTK (SP4), ALSTOM (SP5) and UITP (SP6).

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