Public Deliverables

An overview of the URBAN TRACK project is given in the Final Publishable Activity Report.

More detailed information can be found in the public deliverables below.

SP1 – Low cost modular new track systems & fast installation methods

D1.3 - Report on "Design of green tram tracks"

D1.4 - Small prototypes of green tram tracks for lab tests

D1.5 - Report on "Design of interface between rail and street pavement"

D1.6 - Small prototypes of new interface between rail and street pavement for lab tests

D1.9 - Report on "Rapid installation methods for modular track systems"

D1.10 - Small prototypes of modular track systems required for lab testing of fast installation methods

D1.12 - Report on "Damping models for urban rail systems"

SP2 – Cost effective track maintenance, renewal & refurbishment methods

D2.1 - Report on "Efficient low cost renewal & refurbishment methods for tracks in tunnels and on bridges"

D2.2 - Report on "Efficient low cost renewal & refurbishment methods for tracks at grade with segregated right of way"

D2.3 - Report on "Efficient low cost renewal & refurbishment methods for embedded tram tracks"

D2.4 - Proposal for "European Standard for Track Inspection and Maintenance"

D2.5 - Report on "Improved Monitoring Techniques"

D2.6 - Report on "Tribological behaviour in wheel/rail contact with lubrication and its effect on preventive maintenance"

D2.7 - Report on "Optimised predictive maintenance tools" (using dynamic bayesian methods)

D2.8 - Report on "Rail wear in curves and special trackwork for trams"

D2.9 - Report on "Advanced maintenance concepts to be included in design of new systems"

D2.10 - Study of the optimization of the maintenance and monitoring procedures and required equipment for the Manila LRT

D2.11 - Report on "Test on a test circuit and hydropulse facility for embedded tracks"

SP3 – Design & implementation of solutions at test sites

D3.17 - Report on “Application of main SP 2 findings to SP 3 test cases in order to maximise their long-term benefits”

D3.18 - Report on “Additional evaluation of noise and vibration measurement results in Bremen”

SP4 – Life Cycle Cost (LCC) calculation

D4.2 - Software tool for LCC calculation

D4.6 - Report on "Methodology for socio-economic costs of track installation for residents"

D4.7 - Application report on "Socio-economic costs of track installation for residents at validation sites (SP3)"

SP5 – Functional requirements

D5.3 - First report on "Functional specifications for track infrastructure"

D5.4 - Final report on "Functional specifications for track infrastructure" 

D5.4 - Appendix C

SP6 - Consolidation – Dissemination

D6.1 - Technical consolidation report on all conceptual designs and selected methods: new modular track system installation methods, renewal methods, maintenance methods

D6.2 - Technical consolidation report on all validation results - SP1 - SP2 - SP3 - SP4 - SP5

D6.3 - Report on the creation of the Network of Operators (UITP) and the other on the Network of Industries (UNIFE), elaboration of a sub-contract to be signed by the participants, definition of a work plan for the experts participating in the Network

D6.4 - Final report on the actions achieved by UITP and UNIFE with regard to the Network of operators and Industry

D6.5 - Elaboration of a communication/dissemination plan

D6.6 - Report on actions taken to raise stakeholders participation and awareness, including the Final plan for Using and Disseminating Knowledge

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