URBAN TRACK Final Conference - Prague, June 24 & 25, 2010

New products and strategies for urban rail track infrastructure


The Final Conference was introduced and lead by André Van Leuven, project co-ordinator

URBAN TRACK and European technical harmonisation of Urban Rail systems - presented by Yves Amsler, UITP

REMS: the development and validation of a removable embedded rail system for use in metro tunnel - presented by Patrick Carels, CDM

Thin Foundation Slabs to Attenuate Ground Borne Noise and Vibrations - presented by Tom Vanhonacker, APT

Low Cost Monitoring Systems to Monitor track and vehicle - presented by Tom Vanhonacker, APT

Elastiplus: the development and application of discrete super elastic rail fixations as an alternative for floating
slab and as a solution to tackle excessive rail corrugation
- presented by Ernesto San Vicente, CDM

Alternative to Floating Track Slab High Attenuation Sleeper - presented by Ian Robertson, ALSTOM

Green tram tracks: the advantages of implementing vegetation systems in tram tracks - presented by Hendrikje Schreiter, iASP

The development and testing of rapid replacement techniques for tram tracks in Bremen - presented by Ingo Schnieders, BSAG and Nils Jänig, TTK

New installation methods for prefabricated track in Karlsruhe - presented by Thomas Rupp, VBK

The socio-economic cost-benefit methodology applied to concrete cases like Bremen and Karlsruhe - presented by Marjolein de Jong, UHASSELT

Life cycle costing (LCC) for Urban rail infrastructure - presented by Gerald Hamöller, TTK

The attempt to define a functional and standardised approach of urban trackforms - presented by Frédéric Le Corre, ALSTOM

European standardisation for Track Inspection and Maintenance - presented by Nils Jänig, TTK

Advanced maintenance strategies, or how experiences from maintenance need to be taken into account for new track sections and new systems - presented by Natalie Rodriguez, TTK

Roundtable: the industry perspective - moderator: Nils Jänig, TTK

Weld restoration of worn grooved rail - presented by Jay Jaiswal, Tata Steel UK Limited

Designed, Delivered and Installed – Urban Slab Track Installation (Stockholm) - presented by Rik Monteban, edilon)(sedra

Novel Rail Sections for Removable Embedded Track - presented by Neil Andrew, Balfour Beatty Rail

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