FTP LOGIN (Partners only)

All documents relative to the Contract and the Consortium Agreement are available on the following ftp-server:


Guidelines for the use of the FTP server:

  1. Passwords and Usernames for the FTP server are sent to all partners in the beginning of the project.
  2. In case you forgot your password or login, please email to Andre Van Leuven
  3. The lay-out of the server is divided into six folders:
    • 00_EC Reports: yearly reports to be submitted contractually to the EC
    • 01_Contract: all contractual documents, including the Consortium Agreement
    • 02_Deliverables: all available deliverables
    • 03_Administration: administration issues such as templates, example documents, ...
    • 04_Assemblies: here you will find a subfolder per meeting that contains agenda, presentations, reports and minutes related to that meeting
    • 10_Exchange: this folder provides the possibility to upload large documents so they can be exchanged between partners. This is the only folder where you can paste/drop documents related to the project.
  4. Folders 01 through 04 are for downloading only.

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